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 Auto Consignment services that may be the right option for you!! If you are trying to sell your vehicle QUICKLY, We can Help!

Why take less, when the trained professionals at Top Auto Group Inc. can get you the amount that you really want?  We have taken the hassle out of trying to sell you motor-vehicle! Talk to one of our specialists to find out which one of our programs is the right fit for you. Trying to sell your Car Truck SUV Boat Motorcycle or RV? don’t have the time to deal with the hassle of listing your car for sale, fielding phone calls from buyers, and meeting people for test drives?

We are here to take to handle everything for you, Our goal is to help you sell your vehicle quickly, so we cover every detail necessary to make the sale easy and affordable. No more annoying phone calls. No more trying to figure out where to advertise. We handle it all from taking photos writing professional content anddescriptions adhered specifically to your vehicle, placing ads right down to the final sale of your vehicle and dealing with the buyer. It’s all right here at Top Auto Group Inc. located in Scottsdale (AZ) near Phoenix & Tempe. We offer three different programs and made them all affordable to you

Top Auto Group Inc. is a licensed, bonded and insured Auto-Broker, we advertise your vehicle on all of our third-party sites and handle all of the details for you. We take care of everything – advertising, paperwork, payments, and DMV services. We use several methods of advertising to maximize the exposure of your vehicle we offer a vast online presence, including social media, high dollar car collectors and auto aficionados from all over the world. Every vehicle and every sale is different and needs different marketing plans our trained professionals will sit down and discuss the best options for the quickest easiest and most affordable plan “TO SELL YOUR VEHICLE QUICKLY” Exactly what is Auto Consignment? Most people know how regular consignment works. You drop off the item you want to sell at the consignment store, whether it’s clothes, jewelry, or a piece of art and let the consignment store do the work. Once your item has been sold, you receive a check for the price that you agreed on, less the fees you pay the store.


Step 1. Appraisal

Our Trained Staff will conduct an appraisal of your Motor Vehicle and go over the market trends for that particular Car, Truck SUV, Luxury vehicle, Motorcycle, RV or Boat, the valuation is the price that we believe we can sell your vehicle for in the private market. The consignment price is typically much more than the dealer’s offer because it is we refer to as the “Private Party” price for your vehicle  I am sure you have heard that word over and over since you started looking into selling your vehicle Right? In other words, what a private buyer will pay for your car when the dealer prices your vehicle and offers his appraisal it represents the “Wholesale” value for your car.

Step 2. Marketing

Marketing your vehicle properly is probably the most critical part of selling it quickly and at a fair price. We have a full sales staff that will assess the fair market value and advertise your vehicle in the proper venues.

We will photograph and list your car on Carsforsale.com, Cars.com, RV-Trader.com, and other popular sites frequented by motor vehicle buyers. We are a full-service Auto Consignment shop, we offer cleaning as well as detailing services to get your vehicle ready before it is photographed and marketed to potential buyers. We write detailed description for your vehicle so that it will be picked up in the search engines as well as be attractive to the eye of the potential buyer everyone wants to hear the story of that particular car we just have improved on it take a look at our front page click on any vehicle for sale and you can see what we offer Premium listings, like this TRUECAR and Car-Fax ad, put consigned vehicles in front of the right shoppers.

Step 3. Setting the Right Price

Pricing is an area where we excel most consignment stores will offer a pricing guide and advice but leave the ultimate pricing decision in your hands at the end of the day it’s your vehicle you know what you need to make and you also probably know the amount you are  willing to take, it’s our job to show you what  we think will  sell your vehicle “QUICKLY” we use approximately five different guides such as KBB, NADA, Black Book and several others to come up with our pricing suggestions these will be shown to you and as we go along we can discuss your best pricing option.

Step 4. Which Program is Best for Me

A. We offer three different programs and we tailor make them and match your specific needs if you just want to advertise your vehicle on our website simply go to the Sell Your Car tab on the homepage and use our secure listing page. Cost $14.95 for 30 days.

B. If you want to negotiate a percentage of the sale we start at 15% of what we sell the car for this is good for higher-end vehicles.

C. This is our best value the cost is $399.00 per vehicle and covers everything that’s right all of our services are included and goes till the vehicle is Sold or you cancel the contract.

Step 5. Selling, Negotiating and Handling Paperwork

The biggest benefit Top Auto Groups Auto Consignment program offers is that we handle the actual sales transaction.

We handle all test drives, buyer inquiries, and DMV paperwork. These essential pieces of private party car sales can suck up a great deal of time and are best left to a professional sales team.

We manage buyer negotiations, as a part of our valuable service we offer and that can be a huge comfort to buyers and sellers alike, as negotiating with strangers can be difficult. We handle everything it is the safest process for the buyer and seller to allow the consignment store to handle all negotiations, payment processing, and DMV paperwork.


Step 6. Vehicle Financing, Extended Warranties, and Shipping

We have over 200 lenders on hand and have the ability to arrange purchase financing for buyers. as well as offer extended warranty packages that help buyers eliminate as much of the risk of buying a used car and give them peace of mind as they drive off the lot. Top Auto Group Inc. can ship cars directly to buyers, expanding our products and services to shoppers nationwide, these valuable options help make for a quick and easy sale and a safe transaction. In addition to the buyer benefits outlined above, warranties, financing, and shipping make sales go more smoothly and quickly and are all included in most packages we offer.

Step 7. Call Us E-mail Us or fill out Consignment Form

If you think Top Auto Groups Auto Consignment program is for you, check out our consignment resources or reach out to a specialist for a free vehicle appraisal, we do all the work but you will always be in control and in the know. Just use our seller portal to track sale progress, update pricing or communicate with our staff.

You can always contact us by phone @ (800) 219-2147

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