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Buying a Used Pre-Owned Vehicle


Buying a Used Pre-Owned Vehicle

Buying Used Pre-Owned Vehicle?

Buying a Used Pre-Owned Vehicle in Scottsdale AZ or Westminster CA a quality well maintained used car depreciates at a much slower rate, meaning your money will drive you much farther. It makes sound financial sense to be the second owner who saves $15,000 or more, rather than the original owner who loses that amount. Tax savings the sales tax a dealer pays the government is based on the vehicle price. A pre-owned vehicle sold at retail price will incur far less tax than a new vehicle. The savings to you shouldn’t be underestimated as they could amount to thousands of dollars. A reputable dealer will also offer a warranty providing peace of mind, and the car will be registered, with nothing more to pay, when purchasing a used pre-owned vehicle you gain value that you could never acquire for a new car purchase. You will be leaving the dealership ready to head out onto the highway with confidence. Your used car or truck will also be cheaper to insure than a pricey new vehicle. The savings keep adding up. Avoid new car expensive extras and add-ons. New car dealers are renowned for promoting optional extras at exorbitant prices. Whether it is a protective film, pinstripe or anti-rust coating, the options can usually be purchased cheaper post-sale from an after-market installer. Buying a used car may mean you don’t get every feature you want, but in any case, the add-ons don’t add any resale value to your vehicle. Consider buying a used pre-owned Vehicle in Scottsdale AZ or Westminster CA.

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