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Car Dealer that Accept Bad Credit Phoenix AZ

Car Dealer that Accept Bad Credit Phoenix AZ- Fresh Start Program
Car that Dealer Accept Bad Credit Phoenix AZ

 Car that Dealer Accept Bad Credit Phoenix AZ ask about our Fresh Start Program!  Repossession, Bankruptcy, Charge-Offs, Divorce, Foreclosure, Child Support, OK! Our fresh start program is designed to help those who are willing to get themselves back on track it’s a well-known fact that sometimes bad things happen to good people this program is sponsored by our finance director and the finance team at Top Auto Group Inc. is a car dealer that accept bad credit Phoenix AZ our goal is to help those who are truly making an effort to get their credit back in order as you know financing a vehicle is the second biggest financial decision you will make often times buyers get caught up in the moment and make a purchase that they can not afford our goal is to place you in reliable transportation that matches your debt to income and puts you with a payment that you can afford gets you to and from work has no major mechanical issues and matches your need not necessarily your wants. In order to qualify for the Fresh Start Program, there are two videos that are done by our staff that you must complete you must also agree not to get any hard pull that being unnecessary inquiries on your credit report, agree to pay your payments to the lender on time and for this at the end of 24 months if you have met the requirements we will go to your lender on your behalf and try to renegotiate  your contract,it does not always work but more often than not we can get your interest rate down and a better payment for your next 24 months of your contract. Most of our lender’s terms are for 48 months during this time you will have been coached by our team on money management, paying your payments on time how to write out a monthly budget and helping you to a world of financial freedom. What do you get out of this you may ask? well this may sound harsh but if you are asking that question then please do not bother signing up for this program the Fresh Start Program is geared for those who are ready to face their financial challenges and do something about them we have several lenders who have agreed to join the program and several others who are trying but guess what they too must meet the standards and requirements to join this program. I am going to give you just a taste of the freedom you have by completing this program.

1. You now have a paid Auto Loan!

2. You are in good standing with a lender!

3. Your Credit Score has improved!

4. You now have a paid vehicle to use for a trade-in! {by the way, the lenders love this} why? because you are using your only means of transportation to and from work, big points in your favor.

5. Now you are negotiating from a point of strength for your next Auto Loan!

6. What is the cost of the Fresh Start Program it is FREE!!!! 

These are just a few of the things you receive from the program there are many more, so if you are truly interested in making a change to your financial future please contact us by e-mail at freshstart@topautoaz.com.and our finance director will go over your options and what is the best fit for you. We also offer a program for First Time Buyers through our Credit Union.

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Mercedes loses U.S. sales momentum in March

Mercedes loses U.S. sales momentum in March


Mercedes loses U.S. sales momentum in March


Sales momentum is fading for Germany’s biggest luxury automakers in the United States just as President Donald Trump threatens trade actions that could make their cars costlier.
Source: Top Auto Group Auto News

International Nameplate Auto Sales Up in March
The spring selling season was in full swing in March, with Americans driving up auto sales at dealerships across the U.S., reports AIADA’s Market Watch.International brands were led last month by Acura (up 15.7 percent from last March), Mitsubishi (up 21.7 percent), and Volkswagen (up 17.8 percent). In contrast, Hyundai’s sales slipped 10.9 percent, due in part to the lack of SUVs and crossovers in its lineup. Throughout the industry, light trucks continued to drive sales demand last month, rising 16.3 percent as a segment, while cars lagged, slipping 9.2 percent. “The spring selling season has started off strong,” said AIADA President Cody Lusk. “Solid auto sales are the result of a robust economy and a healthy jobs market. Today’s numbers are also driven by the fact that American consumers are finding the products and the deals they want at their local dealership. ” Read more here.

Mercedes Loses U.S. Sales Momentum in Midst of Trump Trade Threats
Sales momentum is fading for Germany’s biggest luxury automakers in the U.S. just as President Donald Trump threatens trade actions that could make their cars costlier, reports BloombergBMW AG’s namesake brand outsold Daimler AG’s Mercedes-Benz for the first time this year, eking out a 1 percent gain in March. The increase, driven by the 5-Series sedan, was BMW’s smallest gain in five months. Mercedes deliveries slipped 2.4 percent as demand for its top car, the C Class, plunged. Trump threatened to tax German-made cars sold in the U.S. in a stump speech near Pittsburgh last month, escalating a spat with the European Union over steel and aluminum tariffs. The barbs keep coming despite German automakers taking pains to showcase their U.S. production footprint, with BMW inviting the president to its plant in South Carolina last year and Volkswagen AG expanding production in Tennessee. “We’re all concerned that in a market that’s slowing, we’re looking at a significant price increase,” said Marc Cohen, vice president of Priority 1 Automotive Group in Baltimore and a member of the American International Automobile Dealers Association. “It’s gotten enough talk that it’s on our radar screen.” Read more here.

Carmakers Proceed Cautiously After EPA MPG Announcement
Automakers struck muted tones in response to Monday’s announcement that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration would revise Obama-era mileage rules that would have required automakers to produce car fleets that averaging more than 50 miles per gallon by 2025. New guidelines have not been announced. According to The Detroit News, the restraint on the part of carmakers came despite that fact that industry lobby groups in Washington had pushed the Trump administration to ease Corporate Average Fuel Economy standards. And as California officials vowed to fight any attempt to supersede tougher standards in that state, carmakers advocated for a single national standard. California sets its own environmental standards under a waiver included in the 1970 Clean Air Act. A dozen other states have adopted California rules, accounting for a third of the nation’s auto market. Read more here.

BMW Launches Subscription Pilot in Nashville
According to Automotive News, BMW, joining the list of automakers exploring the business case for vehicle subscription services, will launch its first U.S. pilot program this week at a Sonic Automotive store in Nashville. Customers can sign up for the app-based service – dubbed Access by BMW – beginning Wednesday, and vehicle deliveries will start the first week in May. Atlanta-based Clutch Technologies is providing the application, and Sonic Automotive’s BMW of Nashville – the lone BMW dealership in a metro area of nearly 2 million – will manage the vehicle fleet, providing maintenance and delivery service to customers. While there is no set timing, the Nashville pilot will be a longer-term test, said Ian Smith, CEO of BMW Group Financial Services USA and Region Americas. “This is part of developing a sustainable business model,” Smith told Automotive News. “There are many business models over the last couple of years we’ve seen emerge into the marketplace and even some memberships programs. We’ll see whether they’ll be successful or not. We want to make sure that whatever we do here is absolutely viable.” Read more here.

Mazda Puts Consumers First in ‘Feel Alive’ Campaign
Consumers are the centerpiece of Mazda’s new “Feel Alive” advertising campaign as the company tries to reposition itself as a fan-first brand, reports Automotive News. A 60-second spot launched Monday during the NCAA men’s basketball championship game and showed the Vision Coupe, MX-5 Miata roadster and freshened 2018 Mazda6 sedan. The spot features a string of emotionally charged moments – ranging from a sweat-drenched boxing session to two lovers scurrying to the roof of a building for a kiss. “‘Feel Alive’ will be a celebration of human challenge, inspiration, exhilaration and potential and there’s no better moment to reveal it than Championship Monday,” Mazda North American Operations’ Chief Marketing Officer Dino Bernacchi said in a statement. The spot shows a gray Mazda6 driving on loopy roads as a narrator says, “Turn off the highway and soar.” The brand’s approach also marks a new partnership with Amazon, which Mazda plans to use as a social platform, as opposed to an e-commerce tool, Mazda said. Read more here.

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