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Car Dealer that Accept Bad Credit Phoenix AZ

Car Dealer that Accept Bad Credit Phoenix AZ- Fresh Start Program
Car that Dealer Accept Bad Credit Phoenix AZ

 Car that Dealer Accept Bad Credit Phoenix AZ ask about our Fresh Start Program!  Repossession, Bankruptcy, Charge-Offs, Divorce, Foreclosure, Child Support, OK! Our fresh start program is designed to help those who are willing to get themselves back on track it’s a well-known fact that sometimes bad things happen to good people this program is sponsored by our finance director and the finance team at Top Auto Group Inc. is a car dealer that accept bad credit Phoenix AZ our goal is to help those who are truly making an effort to get their credit back in order as you know financing a vehicle is the second biggest financial decision you will make often times buyers get caught up in the moment and make a purchase that they can not afford our goal is to place you in reliable transportation that matches your debt to income and puts you with a payment that you can afford gets you to and from work has no major mechanical issues and matches your need not necessarily your wants. In order to qualify for the Fresh Start Program, there are two videos that are done by our staff that you must complete you must also agree not to get any hard pull that being unnecessary inquiries on your credit report, agree to pay your payments to the lender on time and for this at the end of 24 months if you have met the requirements we will go to your lender on your behalf and try to renegotiate  your contract,it does not always work but more often than not we can get your interest rate down and a better payment for your next 24 months of your contract. Most of our lender’s terms are for 48 months during this time you will have been coached by our team on money management, paying your payments on time how to write out a monthly budget and helping you to a world of financial freedom. What do you get out of this you may ask? well this may sound harsh but if you are asking that question then please do not bother signing up for this program the Fresh Start Program is geared for those who are ready to face their financial challenges and do something about them we have several lenders who have agreed to join the program and several others who are trying but guess what they too must meet the standards and requirements to join this program. I am going to give you just a taste of the freedom you have by completing this program.

1. You now have a paid Auto Loan!

2. You are in good standing with a lender!

3. Your Credit Score has improved!

4. You now have a paid vehicle to use for a trade-in! {by the way, the lenders love this} why? because you are using your only means of transportation to and from work, big points in your favor.

5. Now you are negotiating from a point of strength for your next Auto Loan!

6. What is the cost of the Fresh Start Program it is FREE!!!! 

These are just a few of the things you receive from the program there are many more, so if you are truly interested in making a change to your financial future please contact us by e-mail at freshstart@topautoaz.com.and our finance director will go over your options and what is the best fit for you. We also offer a program for First Time Buyers through our Credit Union.

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Honda U.S. sales rise in March behind trucks, Civic

Honda U.S. sales rise in March behind trucks, Civic

American Honda posted a 3.8 percent rise in March U.S. sales behind strong truck demand and an assist from the Civic.
Source: Top Auto Group Auto

American Honda Motor Co. posted a 3.8 percent rise in March U.S. sales behind strong truck demand and an assist from the Civic.

The automaker was pulled forward by strong gains from its utility vehicles and the Odyssey minivan.

American Honda’s car sales edged up 0.4 percent while light-truck deliveries rose 7 percent in March.

But the 2018 Accord, the reigning North American Car of the Year, is still stuck in neutral. Dealers say the sedan is struggling to compete because of a lack of enticing lease offers. The company admits the Accord is having a tough time in heavy leasing markets.

While dealers are looking for help, don’t expect the company to throw huge incentives at the Accord. There are rivals spending around $100 million per month on incentives, and that’s simply not the Honda way, says Henio Arcangeli Jr., senior vice president of the automobile division of American Honda.

The company is trimming Accord output to deal with slower demand. Honda plans to freeze production at its Marysville, Ohio, plant for 11 days over the next four months.

Honda U.S. sales rise in March behind trucks, Civic

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Overall, American Honda’s U.S. sales slipped 0.8 percent in the first quarter, with car demand off 1.9 percent and truck volume up 0.2 percent.

Brands: Honda up 2.6%; Acura up 16%

Notable nameplates: On the Honda side: Accord down 9.9%; Civic up 3.4%; CR-V down 3.1%; HR-V up 1.3%; Odyssey up 28%; Pilot up 42%; On the Acura side; ILX, up 11%; TLX up 43%; RDX up 17%; MDX down 2.9%

Incentives: $1,884 (including Acura), down 13 percent from March 2017, but up 6.9 percent from February, according to ALG.

Average transaction price: $27,784 (including Acura), ALG says.

Quote: “While Honda had a good March, there will no doubt be concern with the Accord’s continued dip in sales. Coming off the heels of an incredibly hot Civic redesign, expectations were high for Accord sales. So far, the Civic and CR-V continue to outpace it handily,” said Akshay Anand, executive analyst for Kelley Blue Book. “On the plus side, there’s time to right the Accord ship and other models continue to perform very well for the brand.”

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